My name is Levon Terteryan and I was born in Armenia.  I feel fortunate to have been nurtured in a family with a rich music heritage.  My father was a classical singer, music teacher and a choir conductor.  My schooling centered around music and I graduated Erevan Komitas Conservatory  in 1982 with a Masters degree as a Violin Major. 


While in Armenia, I preformed in various symphony orchestras.  In 1989 I traveled with the State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater of Armenia and performed in New York’s Carnage Hall, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston and Wiesbaden Germany.  My family moved to the United States in 1991.  My wife and I are proud parents of a son and daughter.


My passion for music has since evolved into a career in servicing and restoring pianos.  In 1994 I founded Levon’s Piano Service.  In 1996 I began working as an independent contractor for European PianoCraft in Long Beach, where the uncompromised craft of classic piano restoration is skillfully preserved.    I have had the privilege of restoring, tuning, voicing and regulating some of the finest pianos in the world.















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