Why A Restored Piano?

The answer in a word is value.  A piano is truly an engineering wonder, with over 12,000 parts.  Its durability, tone, and playability depend upon quality of materials used, engineering design and the quality of craftsmanship.

A vintage instrument from the better American and European producers contain materials and craftsmanship that are only available today in the costliest hand made pianos.

There was a time when the forests of  North America and Europe provided plentiful supplies of old-growth spruce which could be transformed into soundboards – the heart and soul of the instrument.  Over a century of heavy logging has severely depleted the supply of select spruce available to today’s piano manufacturers. What remains is cost prohibitive to mass market producers. In addition, most of the hardwood forests of the world have been severely depleted reducing the selection and quality of veneers available today.  Before the mass produced piano forced manufacturers to drastically reduce costs, manufacturers took the time to air cure the woods they used, instead of kiln drying the lumber.  We believe that the superior selection of available lumber and the unhurried treatment used in shaping it into a piano is one of the factors contributing to the superior tone and beauty of vintage instruments.

Today’s greatest pianos use scale designs (the string lengths and thicknesses, the harp designs, over stringing of bass strings) developed  around the turn of the twentieth century and their rims are still bent around rim presses  dating from that time period.  The modern Steinway action was developed in the 1890’s.  Vintage instruments are therefore modern in design.

The zenith of the piano manufacturing industry was probably just before the Great Depression in the United States.  Because the piano was the primary source of entertainment in the home, the industry was prosperous and was able to attract the best craftsmen.  Pianos were hand built by artisans who took great pride in what they were producing.  Many pianos featured elaborate, often custom furniture designs.    Many of the vintage pianos restored by Levon's Piano Service feature carved detailing, intricate designs and ornate castings which are only available at great cost today .

The vintage pianos restored by Levon's Piano Service represent a wise investment.   They will not only provide many years of musical pleasure, but when properly maintained, will retain their value.  They also represent good absolute value, a restored handmade piano is price competitive with new mass produced pianos.

Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc. Annual Report to the Securities and Exchange Commission states:  “Management believes that used instruments provide significant competition within certain segments of the musical instrument industry.  Because of the potential savings associated with buying a used Steinway piano, as well as the durability of the instrument, a relatively large market exists for used Steinways.  It is difficult to estimate the significance of used piano sales, since most are conducted in the private aftermarket.  The Company, however, believes that used Steinway pianos provide the most significant competition is its market segment.”

In summary, the vintage instruments that Levon's Piano Service restores and sells feature superior materials, craftsmanship and design at an affordable price. They represent good  value. 












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